Donegal Youth Soccer

Posted Jun 1, 2019
Posted May 14, 2019

 DYS is a volunteer based organization and we need your help!

Earn a refund of up to 75% of registration fees paid for each season you volunteer.

Currently we have the following positions available: 


  • Boys Rec Coordinator (2-4 hours per week in season)
    • email for more info
      • Organize participants into teams each season
      • Identify coaches and asst. coaches
      • Help with uniform distribution
      • Work with coaches to help keep things running smoothly before and during the season
      • This position does not require knowledge of the game only a willingness to help and organize



  • Events Coordinator (1 hour per week)
    •  email for more info
      • Organize committees to help with annual events.
      • currently Memorial day parades
      • DYS Nights at High School (Fall)
      • Work with fundraiser coordinator on fundraising events
      • Help Camp Director organize DYS camp
      • computer experience and access required
        • facebook
        • twitter
        • email


  • Outreach Corrdinator (1-2 hours per week)
    • email President@donegalyouthsoccer.orgfor more info
      • Works with website/ social media to promote DYS and DYS initiatives
      • Person should possess the ability create articles for press releases
      • Works with Events Coordinator to promote events 


  • Coaches, Asst Coaches (2-8 hours per week depending on age group)
    • email for more info
      • We are always looking for experienced coaches
      • We provide training 2 times per year for those who wish to become coaches